Web Banners

Web banners are the most popular source of advertising online worldwide. These banners are designed to match the branding of your website which conveys the main message along with a good call to action button. Banner designs need to be attractive and unique in order to gain the effectiveness and traffic from visitors.
Types of Web banners
Static Banners – Static banners are still images without any movement in the banners. It contains the promotional text along with imagery and a button.
Animated banners – Animated banners are the effective way for your advertisements. These banners contain minimal animation that grabs visitor’s attention and brings in high click through rates.
Flash Banners – Flash Banner designs are in .swf format. These designs will include lots of animation when compared to animated gif banners.
With the help of Banners you can gain lot of potential customers from across the world. Banners ads must be modelled by a professional graphic design company to gain the interest of audience. Banner specs vary depending upon the type of networks like Google Adwords, Adroll etc.

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