Is Your Banner Ad Good Enough? Answer These Questions To Know.

If you ask any successful banner designer what is the secret of his success he will tell you two things; asking questions and testing the answers. So if you want to see if the banner ad you just designed is good enough than simply answer following questions and assess your answers like a quiz scoring to know where you stand.
1: How your banner ad impacts your customers?
If you can say that you totally understand how your customer will perceive your banner than you are starting on right. Understanding customer’s expectations and needs is priority of every successful advertiser.  For example you are giving a discount on your product you have to understand that if this discount is good enough that can attract new customers. Your banner ad is the only solid link between you and your customers so if you know how its impacting your customers then you have more possibility of getting success in your campaign.
2: Is your Banner giving right message to your customers?
Your banner ad should be designed in such a way that it provides precisely the message you want to give to your customer. For example, Facebook just introduced the reaction feature. Instead of simple like button, users can precisely show their reaction to a post. Also these are very basic reactions like wow, love and sad. They all mean same in all regions. So your banner should be precise and basic that can easily communicate your message.
3: Is your CTA button easy to understand?
You have review the requirements of your CTA like font, colour, style etc. You can use words like apply, pick, discount depending upon platform or advertising host that you are using. CTA button has sole purpose to attract customers to click your link. So your CTA button should be easy to understand.
4: Is your Banner Font readable?
Using shiny and sparkly fonts is thought to attract customers but in reality they are just annoying for viewers as when they pop up they irritate the viewer. So you should use professional and readable fonts. What’s the use of putting all the hard work designing this banner ad if your font is not readable?
You can check fonts yourself or with the help of other people just for testing before using it in your banner.
5: Does the banner display logo of your products company?
When you meet someone you tell him your name and introduce yourself by telling them your job, company etc. Similarly banners should be an introduction to your products company. They should display logo of your products company so that customers recognize the brand. You can also display the host’s website logo on your banner ad for ease.

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