Ideas to keep in mind when designing a banner

Banner ads are the trendiest form of advertising and thousands of banners are generated and placed on various websites. Viewers are getting used to these banners and are not interested in opening every ordinary banner that pops up in their window. So among those many and many banners you have to spend some time to generate some unique ideas for your banner designing. Only then your banner will be eye-catching to customers and your ad will get appreciable amount of clicks. Banner designing has become a competition itself and to run it successfully your ideas matter a lot.
It all depends on how different your banner is from other similar ads? How much relevance it shows with the content-website? How much info you want in your banner?
Well one way to make your banner eye-catching is to visit various banner designing websites, pick up some of positive ideas (not all of them) and then mix up ideas from different sources to create innovative banner ads. Make sure your ideas circle around your purpose of advertisement and do not deviate viewers into a completely different thing. Purpose of advertisement should be crystal clear. Once you have designed a unique banner you can use it to advertise your service or product and increase traffic on your website.
Also the language used should be according to audience so that it conveys your message easily and effectively. Using call-to-action words like ‘Signup Today’, ‘Click Here’, ‘Join Today’, ‘Get Membership’, ‘Download Now’, ‘View the Product’, ‘Learn More’ can be a potential factor in increasing number of clicks on your banner ad. You can also use Flash software to make a catchy flash banner.
Banner heading should contain some key-words about your product and can give a strong first impression. Mention special offers or key words in your heading.
‘Finance your business with Free Bank Loans.’
‘50% discount on all glass products.’
‘Get free access to latest internet marketing techniques.’
‘Body hugging leather bags for women @ $99 only.’
‘Boost your career in modeling.’
‘Trendy collection of summer fashion.’
‘Enjoy thousands of tracks @ $3/month.’
‘Let us have a look on your CV.’
You can also mention the brand name or website address in the main head line.
Whether you are designing your banner on your own or letting a professional design it, you have to keep these points in mind and ultimately you will create a captivating web banner that will surely boost up your business or product in a short time.

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