How to make an effective ad

If you want to make a great display ad, you need to craft a great message, with a lot of power. Copywriting is one of the most important parts of what is the meaning of a banner, it´s what makes it effective.
You can design a beautiful image banner, but if you don´t have a message, great words, you can´t deliver a useful message.
Here we let you seven advices to find the right way to make your display ads.
1. Ask yourself what you want to achieve.
It doesn´t matter of your ad is for offering a discount, get attention to a new product, or a new campaign with an old product, there´s two things that you (maybe) have in mind: selling and get your brand into the people awareness.
It´s very common that if you are making an ad, your goal is to sell a product and get promotion to your brand, but sometimes you can focus in only one part of that. Some ads can aim for selling something, by others only focuses on get promotion of a product, or your brand.
2. Find your target
With advertising there´s something that you got to have in mind, if you are talking to everybody, you are speaking to nobody. That means that you have to pick your target. The internet is full of people who go around websites that are full of ads that try to grab their attention. The most common reaction of a user to a site crowded with ads is just ignoring them, and obviously, ignore their messages.
Users will only pay attention to your particular message if it stands out of the others that are out there. So you have to try to sell something to people when and where they are more capable and likely to pay to attention to it.
You can start by knowing more about your possible clients, what is more interesting to them, and what they are looking for. You may also need to “customize” your message if you need to send it to different groups of people, making different ads for each group.
3. Try to understand what they want
If you have developed a new product for one particular group of people, you would have to try to speak in a way that they found familiar. Customers tend to by more open to receive your product if you use the words that they use too.
Sometimes it´s pretty hard to not use technical language, that you and the people who developed your product understand. But you have to think in your customers, the people that will have to read the specifications of your product, and try using terms that they understand.
Some people could ignore your ad only because they don´t understand what says in there. That´s why you´ll have to think about your targeted group, the people which your product is for.
It is ok that you, the developer of your product, knows every word that is on your ad, but remember this is not targeted to you. This is for your audience (unless the audience of your product is people like you).
4. Avoid long messages
Most of the times, you have to be brief with your messages and avoid long sentences, filled with unnecessary info. We all know that internet users are always in a hurry, and they don´t have too much time to spend in the website where your ad is placed.
5. Pick your words very well
It is ok if you choose to use the words that are the appropriate for your customers, but do it only if you really know which those words are. Try not to use the words that everyone sees on advertising’s, because most of it had become cliches, and probably your audience knows that. People will make fun of your ad and that will make it ineffective.
We know that is very likely that you need to use a lot of words to explain how cool your product is, but you have to think about how many time will give users to your ad. So what you need to do is choosing your words very wisely, and try to make a simple and intelligent message.
There are a lot of words that will catch users attention, but the most effective of all is obviously the word “FREE”. By the way, make sure that if you are using this word, you are really providing something free, because if you don´t people will leave your website, just as fast as they came to you.
There are plenty of words that you can us, like: how to, new, tips, offer, etc. But you have to think in the benefits that you are giving to customers, not the features that your product has. Benefits could be things like “it will help you to lose weight”, and features could be things like “awesome, new fitness method”.
6. Tell your prospects what to do
In the process of making your ad, you probably know all the way what you want to make your customers do. Sometimes, even if it´s pretty obvious, they don´t. That´s why you have to make your message really explicit.
You could use a simple “click here” to make it easy, but you can also try using phrases that will also explain your message, in a more specific way, like “read this”, “join the contest”, “play now” or “learn how to drive!”
Be very careful of not fooling users, it would very bad for your brand/product if they get mad with your ad for not giving what they expected. If you are not capable of giving them what you are publiciting on your ad, just don´t say it.
7. Try different ways to get to people
If you need to know how people receive your message, you could ask your friends, family, and people who are not part of your project. If they are form the group that you are trying to reach, is better.
You can even do more than two, or three, different versions of the same ad, and see which one is the most effective.

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