How can you promote your business using flyer

Among all the latest marketing tools, flyer distribution is prevailing and trending much among present-day businessmen, start-up companies and young entrepreneurs. Flyer distribution is used as an efficient marketing tool to promote their products and services to public. A successful flyer distribution involves many steps that are necessary to gain profitable progress in this activity. First step is to design an attractive flyer or leaflet with effective text and distributed by selecting a specific and efficient distribution method. Lastly assuring the fact that flyers are handed over to those potential customers successfully.
This step is crucial for success of the campaign and all depends upon proper designing of flyers. There are things that should be considered while designing a flyer like the size, layout, colors used and most importantly wording of leaflet.  Size can vary from A3 to A7.  Size should be small if you are following hand-to-hand distribution. Keeping the flyer small and light weight helps the customers to carry the flyer easily in their purse or bag. For a more bold, colorful and showy presentation large poster sizes are used. They are also useful if some graphics are needed to be presented. Next comes choosing color and shape. Use eye-catching colors for an attractive flyer. Mostly rectangular shape is preferred but depends on type of product. Use easy and to-the-point sentences on flyer also state benefits of your product in a sales tone.
Distribution Techniques:
The techniques of distribution should be well planned. Usually door-to-doo and hand-to-hand method is preferred. In this technique salesman go door-to-door to distribute their flyers either individually or with some newspaper or other flyers. In the hand-to-hand technique, the flyers are handed out directly to the subjects on the streets etc. In addition to this flyers may also be stocked up at different interest points on streets so people can pick them up while passing by. Placing flyers under wind-shields of cars is also a common method.
Tracking the Flyer Distribution Process:
To track down the progress of flyer distribution you can use GPS unit or a camcorder for distributor. The distributors should be given targets to reach for flyer delivery or areas to cover during a specific period of time. To get response from customers using promotional offer can help out. Success of this campaign or flyer distribution is simply how much customers respond back to you for the product.

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